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angie goff? >> good morning, everybody. rise and shine. hope you are off to a great start. right now we don't have many problems going on out there. get to what is going on in the district in northwest in a moment. but first we want to show you a couple of live conditions outside. heading northbound everything is clear out of fredericksburg past the prince william parkway to the mixing bowl. speaking of 495 in virginia, everything is okay here between both loops as you make your way between 95 past annandale to 66 continuing to the american legion. in maryland the outer loop is checking out in good shape from 95 over to 270 and back to the maps, we want to tell you about in the district we have a fire going on. the situation with crews on the scene responding happened early this morning. here are the live conditions and looks like the road is blocked off at 16th street and northwest. closed between somerset place and tuckerman street. back to you.
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we start with breaking news. just over an hour ago, firefighters rushed to the scene where eight people were injured in an apartment fire. 9 news now reporter lindsey mastis live from northwest washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. that's right. eight people were injured and taken to the hospital. two people are in critical condition. the firefighters say there's another three dozen people that may need to be transported to the hospital. they say the fire started in a common area on the fifth floor. i talked to one witness who said as soon as he left his apartment he saw some furniture burning in the hallway. i want to show you some video of the scene. firefighters had to make rescues by ladder. they also say that some people are still in place on some of the upper floors. that they are trying to bring them out through the building. it is an eight-story apartment building and of course the street is shut down here on
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16th. we're at 16th and harvard and it's quiet massive. they have quite a few fire trucks out here and the residents are outside. basically they are telling us they are bringing in buses so that some of the residents can sit on the bus and not be out here on the street. of course we will give you the latest as it is available. reporting live in northwest washington, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. the u street corridor is open again after a seven-hour shutdown yesterday. police cordoned the area off after a shooting after a funeral. the driver had been shot and passenger was killed. a friend of the panel said he witnessed another shooting last month and was scared his life might be in danger. officers took two people in to custody but no word whether they were charged in the shooting yesterday. an update on the death of a green party candidate for the
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u.s. senate in maryland. in a written statement, henry said, i can think of no greater honor than to run my daughter's race to the finish line. henry will go up against incumbent senator barbara mikulski. a walter reed doctor who refused to deploy to afghanistan because he dunn believe that president obama was born in the united states is facing another legal setback. during a hearing yesterday, a military judge ruled the president's birth record were irrelevant to the case. lieutenant colonel is facing charges of missing a movement, disobeying lawful outbounds and dereliction of duty. the judge delayed the trial to give the defense more time to ask the court of appeals for help. arlington county is the only jurisdiction in the country to withdrawal from the federal secure communities immigration enforcement program. in a unanimous vote, the board
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opted out of the program, which requires local law enforcement to hand over fingerprint and other information of people taken in to police custody to federal immigration enforcement agencies. homeland security officials say local law enforcement are still responsible for reporting suspected criminal aliens to ice. police in leesburg, virginia, are warning residents not to cash the check. the community has been recently hit with a rash of secret shopper scams. crooks mail out fake checks. after victims deposit the checks the bank notifies them the check is no good and they are held responsible for replacing the cash. you can find ways to ai void the scam on just click on living smart. it is 5 after the hour. time for the latest "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica is on the road joining us live from rockville in celebration of the drink so many of us use to get going in the morning. good morning, jess. >> good morning.
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let me be the first to say happy national coffee day. that's right. it is national coffee day and as a result we are here at the coffee shop. and we want to bring you trivia about everyone's favorite bean. we will start with a did you know about where coffee was discovered? this dates back to the ninth century. in ethiopia, a goat herder noticed the stimulating affects that the can have fee berries were having on his goats an he began to experiment with them. so that's a little history lesson. leslie abbott is a manager here at and she is one of the people that starts us off with our coffee every morning. what does it take to get everything going. >> just determination. you come in and the most important thing that you know you are going to start someone else's day. everything else is easy. >> in terms of making cups of
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coffee people have questions of what it takes to make the perfect cup of coffee, which we will be doing later for you. dunn matter if you have whole beans and you roast them right away or can you get them ground and retain the quality. >> yes. you can get them ground here. and as long as you keep the beans tightly in a freezer pack bag the quality stays for a while. >> i always stick mine in the freezer itself. we have a treat to tell you about. all day, all day. at first we thought it was at noon but all day you can get a free cup of coffee. as a channel 9 viewer there are a couple of locations, king farm, shady grove hospital, national harbor. come in and say hello and get a free cup of coffee. and andrea, with that cheers. i'm going to send it back to you. >> thank you very much. well, if amtrak gets its
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way there will be a high speed train between washington and boston in about 20 years. it would top out at 220 miles an hour replacing acela trains that people use now. today an amtrak trip takes an hour and a half. high speed rail would cut the trip to 38 minutes. >> time has come. we are way behind. >> reporter: amtrak said construction of a high-speed rail system in the northeast will take about 25 years and cost $117 billion. scientists discover a similarity between carbonated beverages and spicey foods. that story is coming up. plus, the supreme court decides to hear an appeal from the estate of the late model anna nicole smith. and rescuers encounter problems as they try to reach the site of a
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in in the news now, rescuers in mexico are running in to damaged bridges as they try to reach the scene of a mudslide. at one point authorities feared there might be hundreds of victims and now they report only 11 people are missing and there are no confirmed deaths. police are trying to discover the motive behind the shooting at the university of texas. 19-year-old cole on the committed suicide in a library after investigator says he opened fire with an automatic weapon. no one was hurt but the campus was locked down to make sure there were no other threats. the u.s. supreme court will hear an appeal from the estate of the late anna nicole smith. the dispute centers on a 15 year battle over the fortune of j. howard marshall smith, much older husband who died in ' 94. he left almost all of his money to his son and almost nothing
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to smith. there's a new free health clinic opening in our area. details on that coming up. plus, months after devastating floods the grand 'ole op pri is restored to its former glory. cool this morning. you will need a jack. but rain with a tropical connection promising to bring us rain on thursday. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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the grand 'ole op pri reopened last night in nashville. five months after heavily damaged by floods them water did so much damage, they had to redo the famous auditorium. welcome back to 9 news now. howard bernstein is here. hopefully nothing as devastating as what happened to nashville when that severe flooding happened but you have strong rains for us. >> let me warn you right now, tomorrow will be a problem. a problem getting to work. if you live in a low-lying area there could be flooding. i want you to be alert to what is coming our way thanks to the tropics. this morning no problems. the bus stop forecast, we are looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. a little on the cool side. temperatures start in the 50s and 80s. i think a jacket or sweatshirt
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to get you going. sunrise a couple of minutes after 7 a.m. could be a couple of showers by the afternoon. mid to late afternoon, especially south. temperatures topping off 67 to 73. for the drive home, 69 degrees. but at least we have code green air quality. rain develops tonight. heavy at times. flood watch in affect for everybody after midnight. lows in the 60s. east winds 10 to 15. tomorrow a windy and wet day with rain and thunderstorms. two to four inches at least in most areas. upwards of six inches are possible. 75 to 80. that's right. six inches of rain are possible tomorrow in some spots. southeast winds 10 to 20. would be gustier than that and any thunderstorms or with what is left of this tropical system coming our way. 63 washington. 55 andrews. 81 easton. culpeper and orange in the mid 50s. lower 50s for winchester, cumberland, martinsburg and cross junction, as well.
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63 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. dew point is 50. we have dried out from yesterday and the humidity is 63%. this is what we are watching. down here you can see a little spin off the cuban coast. that's a tropical depression soon to be nicole. the clouds and moisture streaming toward us and later today we think a few shower and more than a few showers on the. put the future cast in motion. you see the moisture coming northward. by late this afternoon, virginia, overnight tomorrow morning a look at the rain here. low pressure coming out of columbia, south carolina through north carolina will produce heavy rainfall through at least midday. in the afternoon showers a thunderstorms scattered about. eastern areas could be looking at severe thunderstorms in the afternoon. all thanks to nicole which will be pushing across south florida as a tropical storm later today. tomorrow morning it is east of daytona. look at how fast this thing races north to be near gettysburg by friday morning and some of the rain totals
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will be prolific. this is just one computer model. i want to show you this throughout tomorrow. in the morning looking at three inches maybe over an inch in culpeper. throughout the day, over two here and over four here and this is one model. i have seen another model that says six to seven across the eastern shore. a lot of rain. 71 today. 78 tomorrow. gets better on friday. could be a shower on friday and the weekend dry and cool and 62 on sunday. it is 5:18. angie, how are the roads doing? >> overall not so bad. thank you very much. we have one tieup that we have been following since it happened early this morning around the 4:00 hour. northwest dc. take it out live an show you the conditions out here. 16th street is closed between somerset place and tuckerman street and that's was of an apartment fire and we have crews on the scene trying to get everything under control. it will probably be like the
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next 30 minutes to an hour at least. show you route , route 5, 301. zooming in. no incidents or accidents out here. all three of the roadways clear. on i-270, the southbound trip in maryland appears to be problem free. a little roll building past father hurley to the split. and finally, we will wrap it up in virginia. 66 eastbound as you cross the fairfax county parkway exit, make your way past 128 to inside the beltway, a nice, smooth commute. back to you. in the living well stories, this afternoon a ribbon cutting will be hill for a new free health clinic. the clinic will operate in woodbridge, virginia. the clinic will be open every monday from 8 a.m. to four p.m. it will be the third free health clinic in prince william county and the first to accept appointments. these clinics are opened to qualified low income and uninsured residents.
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you may not think of the fizz in your soda as spicy but your body does. the carbon dioxide sets off the same sensors in the nasal cavity as mustard and horseradish. while the body's response isn't as strong as it is to spicy foods scientists say explains why you may experience a tingling sensation when you drink soda too fast. coca-cola is teaming up with the washington caps the mystics, nationals, skins and wizards to educate children about proper exercise and nutrition. as part of the program, athletes and nutritionists will host a series of workshops for children. among the participants ted leonsis and dan snyder. mcnabb's return to philadelphia is just a few days away, and the wizards start practice with the number one draft pick an the star formerly known as agent zero. sports is coming up.
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but first a look at who's celebrating a birthday today -- why is travel these days about what you give up
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good morning, everybody. mcflab will hold the regular press conference this wednesday and i garn he will say that sunday's reunion in philly is just another game and he's not out to prove anything to his former team because he is too smart to say anything otherwise. he may have pleasant memories of philly but he would love to stick it to the eagles after giving up on him after 11 years of loyal service. we caught up with him last night and asked him how his emotions are holing up so far. >> i couldn't even tell you that. right now i have practice tomorrow. it will be a normal week of practice and we'll see how the game goes leading up to it. and probably be a better answer 0 of how the emotions are. >> the redskins wives played a tuneup game against a local
5:23 am
team from virginia. that's donovan's wife right there. nice drive and bucket from her. snyders wife tonya had some game. all the proud hubbies there. gilbert arenas says he is not going to smile this year. that didn't sit well with people yesterday. if he averages 25 a game, he could wear a red nose and clown make upand fans wouldn't mind at all. the wizards opened with a midnight madness celebration. he looked fully recoved from knee issues and playing alongside john wall. and everybody's raving about him. >> going to be a great player. definitely got the tools. he's a great athlete and seems like he wants to learn. >> one of the most serious and knows what we are doing as well as anybody. >> reporter: we have an
5:24 am
explanation for gilbert's shady beard we saw for the first time on media day. he has a bet with nicky young who can grow more hair this year. it is just that nick is doing it on his head and he is doing it on his grill. have a great wednesday, obvious. the nationals wrap up their vise with the phillies later today. they were held to one run over six innings and struck out seven batters. tied in the bomb of the ninth, adam -- bottom of the ninth, adam dunn hits one out. his 38th homer of the year was the walk off game winner. nats win 2- former president carter is still coming to washington today despite being hospitalized overnight. the story is coming up. police investigate the deadly shootout that closed down a large portion of the u street corridor. and president obama will make a stop in virginia later today as he tries to rally
5:25 am
democratic voters before the november mid-term election. angie, how's it looking on the roads. >> as you travel 50 westbound crossing the bay bridge bowie and beyond, more realtime traffic for you along with the weather with howard bernstein. stay with us.
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last night may have been pleasant outside but probably not the case tonight and tomorrow night. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this morning. angie will have the traffic in just a moment. howard has the forecast. but we want to say congratulations to former colleague. kim martucci gave birth yesterday. a serious situation in to tomorrow. start there first and get back to us.
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a flood watch is in affect at midnight tonight. it cover everybody. this is until 9:00 p.m. on thursday and we will see more green and then bright green tomorrow as the flood warnings get issued as the system comes up from the south. you see the clouds streaming northward. there are a lot of breaks and thin clouds up there. we see showers in the carolinas and a southeastern virginia. the moisture will try to work toward us even before the end of the day. 60s at reagan national and in southern maryland. 50s up across montgomery and fairfax county. 65 at 9:00. a few breaks. cloudy by nine. highs 67 to 78. megarains tomorrow. more on that coming up. right now 5:30. overall no complaints and one tieup that we continue to keep an eye on. take it outside live and show you the fire activity response on the scene. we have 16th street still closed between tuckerman street
5:30 am
and somerset place. you want to avoid that area for a little more -- for actually the next 30 minutes. we will keep you updated throughout the morning show. take you to 395 northbound. things are filling out. tracking head lights here duke to seminary and on the outer loop, no incidents or accidents to report. just some volume already starting to build between 2 t colesville right here and georgia avenue. andrea, over to you. we are following breaking news for you this morning. three people have gone to the hospital after an early-morning apartment fire in northwest washington. 9 news now reporter lindsey mastis joining us live from the scene in the 3100 block of 16th street. >> there are 40 people being evaluated here on the scene. i wanted to mention there are some people who have been taken to the hospital in critical condition and a child has been taken to the hospital. one of the people that are in critical condition had to jump from the building to escape the
5:31 am
flames. firefighters tell me that the scene, that the fire is somewhat under control but they are experiencing hot spots. i want to show you video from the scene. basically they had to use some ladder trucks to make rescues and they said many people were up on the upper floors and it was taking some time to get those people down. it appears to be that the fire started on the fifth floor. i talked with a man who lives on the fifth floor. he says as soon as he got out of his apartment he noticed there was furniture on fire. >> a lot of smoke, and my hall was pretty lit up with flames. yeah, pretty scary. >> reporter: firefighters do not know what caused this fire. and of course they are still up there battling some of the fire, as well. they do say that it is too early to tell whether it is suspicious. the witness also told me the furniture that was out in the hallway had a sign on it
5:32 am
earlier the day that said "do not use bed bugs." so he says he has no idea why the furniture was out there but he suspects it may have something to do with it. he did mention that basically he got out but there were quite a few people screaming, trying to get out. firefighters are still on the scene but there are some fire departments that are leaving at this point. so it appears the fire is under control. reporting live in northwest washington, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. the u street corridor is open again after a seven-hour shutdown yesterday. police cordoned off the area after a shooting outside of a funeral. witnesses say a group of men opened firework. an suv sped away from the scene and struck two vehicles and flipped over. coats said he witnessed a shooting last month and was afraid his life might be in danger. officers took two people in
5:33 am
though custody but no word whether they were charged this the shooting. it appears that former president carter will make his book signing in dc despite spending the night at a hospital in cleveland. the 85-year-old carter became ill on a flight from atlanta to ohio. doctors say it only appears to be an upset stomach. his grandson says he will resume his book tour today. he will be signing copies of white house diaries this afternoon at politics and process. today president obama's midterm election campaign brings him to iowa. he will hold a community meeting in the backyard of a local family. while there he is expected to talk about fixing the economy. after his stop in iowa, the president is scheduled to make another small stop near richmond, virginia. today top virginia lawmakers are meeting in richmond, primarily to discuss the pentagon's propose close you are of the joint forces command in hampton roads. they say the military is keeping the commonwealth in the dark on that recommendation.
5:34 am
the facility employs over 6,000 people. webb and the senate armed services committee will meet with d.o.d. officials on tuesday and governor mcdonnell echoed webb's feelings on wtop. >> we are concerned about the gross absence of transparency over the last months when this plan was developing. we read it all in the paper. congress had no notice. jpscom folks had no notice. we had an out of the blue notice with no. he plans to meet with secretary of defense robert gates soon. today the senate is scheduled to vote on a measure to keep the government in business. the stop gap will prevent a government shutdown on friday, one day after the current budget year ends. the stop gap measure includes $.9 billion for the race to the top education grants and $1.2
5:35 am
billion to address discrimination claims against the department of agriculture. it's time for another "living $mart" report. an we sent jessica doyle out this morning because today is national coffee day. she is live from rockville with more. >> i gee all the tough assignments. the ones where i get to drink coffee on the air and spectacular coffee, i will add. i will tell you about that in a sec. we are in the kings farm air of rockville and bringing you trivia information about our favorite bean this morning in honor of national coffee day. so here's a did you know about coffee. did you know where the first coffee shop opened that is in 1475 and after that the popularity took off. joining us is a man who knows a thing or two about coffee shops. you are the president and founder of this chain. tell us about this delicious cup of coffee we drinking this
5:36 am
morning. >> this is a latte made with sweet condensed milk. it has a sweetness to it and one of our signature drinks. >> it is fantastic. this is what the president ordered in your silver spring location. you have been around for a while in the washington area. largest coffee chain based in washington. tell us how you got started. >> started in college. i started as a way to pay for college and to help a family member in nicaragua where i grew up and decided to stay with it and focus on sustainability and help farmers throughout latin america, asia, africa and grew in to a nice brand an something we really enjoy. >> what is your favorite coffee? you were to get up at 6:00 in the morning, what would you have? >> it depends on my mood and where i am in the day of the week. it really depends what i'm in the mood for. >> we will bring him back in a bit. you can get a free cup of
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coffee at kings farm, shady grove hospital, takoma park an national harbor. if you are a wusa 9 viewer come an say i want my free cup of coffee. that's all day long. go in, say hi and get a free cup of coffee. start your day with coffee, here's bad news for those who like to come to home from work and pour a glass of wine. the record heat in california has burned out the grapes of some of the state's vineyards. growers are worried it is so shriveled it looks more like raisins and they are worried whether the taste of this year's vintage will be tolerable. more on how the recession has affected americans. that story is coming up. this morning a general strike is underway in one of the european countries in the most economic trouble. here's angie's traffic update. we come to you live from fox hall and canal.
5:38 am
in northwest we have problems. road closures due to a fire. more news is next. stay with
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5:40 am
the first general strike in eight years is your way this morning in spain. workers picketed the country's largest food wholesale market in the overnight hours. they are upset over reforms to lower salaries, make it easier to dismiss employees and raise the retirement age from 65 to 67. spain is one of the most financially troubled countries in europe. the bad economy has sent weddings to the lowest level in more than a century, and that's one of the economic statistics
5:41 am
out from the census bureau. homeownership declined for the third straight year and one in ten u.s. families are now receiving food stamps. you have less than two days left to get a hands-free device if you want to drive and talk legally in maryland. plus, the story of a dog that survived outside during part of our oldest and snowiest winter. it is 5:41. here's howard. >> a lot of breaks in the clouds and they are moving in from the south. we will talk about a drought busting rainfall that will cause flooding, as well. 9 news now returns after this. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help.
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from his frere jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help you write it.
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prince william county animal activists are asking vets to help reduce the cat population. there are thousands in strip mall and dumpsters. the plan is to feed the cats and get them spayed or neutered. it would be funded with $6,000 collected by the state. we want to show you a success story from the prince william county shelter. meet bubba. he is a terrier who escaped from his owners home and hit bay car. this all happened in january. >> he was gone for the one weekend where we had sub zero temperatures and 30-mile an hour winds and next weekend we
5:45 am
had over 20 inches of snow and somehow, even though he was broken and had lost half of his body weight was able to drag himself back home. >> reporter: when his owners couldn't pay for his care, the shelter put out the word and got enough donations to cover his multiple surgeries and found a new owner who could help the year and a half old dog with his few medical issues. a happy dog's tale there. we are glad to report it. howard bernstein is here and he says be prepared. >> today will be the calm before the storm. yesterday the appetizer. tomorrow the main course and then some as we will have torrential rains moving in thanks to the tropics. td 16 likely to be nicole later today. and a combination of nicole transitioning to a nontropical storm will bring a lot of rain and even some wind. let's get talking about it. heavy rain on the way with some flooding likely tomorrow. especially in low-lying areas.
5:46 am
critical time 2:00 tonight until 2:00 in the afternoon. severe weather is possible from dc and points east. this looks like we will be in the eastern side of the system. check the sump pump and gutters. check sure the sump pump is plugged in and if you have a half tank or less of gas, fill it up. you may have trouble getting to the gas station tomorrow. 80 by noon. 69 for the drive home and perhaps a late shower. 7 to 73. tonight the rain develops. rather heavy after midnight when a flash flood watch goes in to affect. lows in the 60s rain is heavy at times especially in the morning tomorrow. less perhaps in the afternoon. two to four inches at least the way it looks across the area. highs 75 to 80. southeast winds 10 to 20. could gust over 30. 63 in town. a lot of 50s in the mountains and 72 norfolk. look at this, hey mark 52. reston 53.
5:47 am
gaithersburg 52. a cool morning with 55 at on drews and college park and columbia 56. 63 national. partly cloudy. dew.s at 50 an a north northwest wind at 8 miles an hour. there's the front to the east from yesterday's system but the moisture is moving in from the south. you can see the surge of moisture overnight in to tomorrow morning. at 7:00 it is pouring in many areas heavily through midday n. the afternoon and evening, perhaps the lighter rynes an and condition rule out lingering showers before this starts to pull away and this is really thanks to the tropics. this is depression 16 to become nicole, passing florida tonight east of florida. tomorrow night, look at this, by friday morning their gettysburg. and we could have flooding rains and severe storms tomorrow. 71 today. windy, wet, flooding likely on thursday. friday gets better, 74. over the weekend we cool off.
5:48 am
on saturday. 62 on sunday and back to 72 on monday. but after the mild ride tomorrow the weekend is looking a lot better. >> good morning, everybody. hope you are off to a great wednesday. right now what we are dealing with is an early-morning tieup that's been with us since the early 4:00 hour. take it out live and show you 16th street in northwest dc. we have a fire situation. response on the scene and we have learned the road closure expanded. 16th street northwest is closed between harvard street and park road. take it north of the district and move over to 95 and the bw parkway. looks like two smooth rides are what we are checking on here from 32 past 198 and down past powder mill. keeping an eye on 270. taking it outside and watching the volume build between germantown road to 370. and finally let's wrap it up in virginia. 95 travelers, heading northbound, seeing a lot of you between the prince william
5:49 am
parkway to lorton. that delay is an extra five minutes. that, my friend, is growing. first they made it illegal to text while driving and maryland is joining seven state an the district in banning hand held cell phones. but it can be a difficult law to enforce. starting on friday when you get behind the wheel of your car put down your cell phone and activate your blue tooth. if not it will cost you. the first time you are caught driving in maryland with the cell phone to your ear it will cost you $40. after that $100 and a point on your driving record. >> people really get distracted when they are on their phones. >> reporter: admit it, we have all done it before. >> i have that desire to see what is happening in my other world when i'm driving. it is a temptation. >> yes, i have and it is dangerous because i have a kid so i shouldn't be doing it. >> it will be difficult to enforce no matter what. >> it is a secondary offense.
5:50 am
mooning officers can only pull you over if you are caught violating another gray a law enforcement officer may see somebody speeding, doing something that is in violation of the law and when they get in the traffic stop they determine the driver was using a cell phone. >> reporter: police say they have seen some small success after last year's ban on texting. new highway signs will help to drill home the message but aaa says there's still a risk. the reality is that you are four times more likely to be involved in a crash if you are driving and talking on a cell phone. >> people have no concern. i don't care about them but they don't have any concern for the other people. no, phones outlawed. no problems. unless you have an emergency, pull over. >> there are some exemptions. if you are dialing 911 and when you are initiating or hanging up on a phone call. in bethesda, maryland, 9 news now. wusa 9 is part of the great hangup campaign. it's an effort to get everyone to stop using their cell phones illegally while they are
5:51 am
driving. if you have been affected by a distracted driver talking on a cell phone or while texting we'd love to share your story. tell us your story by going to the great hangup page at or by calling us at 202-95-5960. ashton kutcher wants to bring a social media da mom nonto television. and we will introduce you to a family looking to make history with four members seeking political office. i'm live at the rockville myorga coffee shop. we are giving you free coffee all day. i will explain how to do it coming up. you are watching 9 news now. they're everywhere. yeah, you're right!
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what's in your wallet? oh my gave. i'm angie with what is buzzing in entertain. anna nicole smith's inheritance case will go to the supreme court. to see if she will get money left behind by her late billionaire husband. ashton kutcher wants to make a movie based on a twitter
5:55 am
feed. baby news, james van der beek announced they are proud parents of allile girl named olivia. some of the most powerful tv minds gathered in washington to talk about the impact of digital media on the future of television. leslie sanchez and eric logan were a few of the power panelists at the activism media summit at the marriott at metro center. wired magazine was also part of the talk on how digital media. dr. oz got credit for using twitter as a tool to motivate others. >> you can feel like you have a connection with a personality. so whether it is a dr. oz who has a twitter feed and it is coming right to you, you can actually reply and maybe he relies, maybe he dunn. i will tell you he does look at a lot of this. >> logan says he dunn think there will be another oprah and
5:56 am
when asked if the obama's will appear on one of the shows he said you will have to wait and see. the ninth year of the even. actually that's the wrong script. rachel submitted the next report. teen vogue was in town scouting washington in search of the newest fresh face. inspiring models gathered at george washington university. one lucky winner will win an internship in new york city and a one week experience working a teen vogue. we want to know about the great events happening where you live. visit my blog at oh my you can send in your story ideas to me on facebook and twitter. back to you. voters in frederick county maybe poised to make county history by putting four members of the same family in to political office at the same time. they are the young family, but as our scott broom learned a vote for one is not a vote for
5:57 am
all. >> reporter: meet ron young, a long-serving former frederick mayor. he's running for state senate for the first time. their son blaine young running to continue as county commissioner and that's his brother brad, he's running for the school board. oh, and ron's wife karen is on the city board. a political dynasty to take over the county you asked. >> i asked whether or not he put one of these on his vehicle. >> reporter: not quite. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: like oil and water. >> have always told people i love and respect my father but we do not share the same philosophies. >> reporter: blaine is a conservative tea partyer. >> and i think for myself. >> reporter: dad is a moderate democrat and brad's school board election is nonpartisan so he is in the middle. >> people ask do you agree with your dad all the time and the answer is no and do i agree with blaine all the time, the answer is no. >> he has a cut out of sarah
5:58 am
palin watching over him and keeps a .357 magnum in his safe. >> i think carrying guns ought to be under the supervision of the police in some form. i support somebody having a gun in their home. >> he will probably get the endorse of the sierra club. >> republicans accuse democrats of being tax an spend and republicans have been borrow and spend. >> reporter: which is why ron says at christmas this political family doesn't talk about politics at all. one name, one family but three very different candidates. all youngs do not think the same. in frederick, scott broom, 9 news now. ron young first took office in 1978 when his sons were ages 7 and 3. neat story. thank you for watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. person been is here with our forecast. he says get out all the rain gear you have. make sure the sump pumps are working. you will need it tomorrow.
5:59 am
if you can telecommute or get one of the days where you stay home, i the rush tomorrow will be a disaster. >> you are sure of this. >> pretty confident. if i'm saying this 24 hours in advance for me that is pretty confident. >> all right. >> an area of rain is coming from the south. you can see it across the carolinas. a tropical depression likely to become nicole today and all of that moisture is streaming toward us in a big way. we will be quiet today. show you the rain potential here and this is one of our computer models. we have a couple we are looking at. this one shows the bull's eye west of washington with those orange colors being in the four plus plus inches of rain. depending on where these bands set up there will be heavy rain. 61 in town. lower 50s, manassas, gaithersburg and frederick and martinsburg is 50. spoke to steve in joss junction.
6:00 am
he's 50. bi

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